Page 1 of Google or you Don't Pay.

You read that right. GI SEO Services gets your business on page 1 of Google or you don't pay a cent.

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Local Search Engine Optimization (LSEO)

Guaranteed page 1 results on Google Places Maps or you don't pay. Simple and affordable for any business.

Keyword Packages from $199/month

GI TSEO Tablet

Targeted Search Engine Optimization (TSEO)

GI's TSEO service is like no other, guaranteed page 1 results on Google Organic search results.

Keyword Packages from $99/month

You don't pay us until it's page 1

In other words you have nothing to lose

SEO services come in all shapes and sizes, unfortunately not all provide value for their clients. GI guarantees all clients get the Page 1 results promised before any payment is ever due. The Page 1 Guarantee is ongoing, so if your company falls off Page 1 at any time, no payment is due until our GI SEO Technicians get you back Page 1.

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Jim Caya
Owner, Bulldog Demo
Jim Caya

Bulldog Demolition

We saw a 160,000% ROI on GI's SEO service, no exaggeration. We recommend GI SEO to absolutely every business.

Jim Caya
GI Lead Target

Generate Leads, Increase Sales

All businesses need growth, and showing prominently in search results helps.

GI Page 1 Guarantee

Google Adwords management

Let us help manage your Google Adwords campaign to ensure positive return on your advertising investment.

Keyword Packages from $99/month

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