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Visually represent key performance indicators...
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Acquire and retain customers to grow your company..
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Easily record and analyze all past customer interactions..
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Retain and acquire new customers with GI BOS functionality...
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Keeping track of your company's products...
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Take control of your finances, track, quotes, orders, and invoices.
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Acquire new customers, and grow your business...
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Contracts are made and managed with ease using ...
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Creating orders for customers is simple using the GI BOS.
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Streamline your company's billing operations...
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Manage recurring billings and track all activities related...
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Manage payment modes easily using GI BOS functions...
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Manage taxes easily using GI BOS functions...
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Manage currencies modes easily using GI BOS functions...
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Analyze overall expenses and identify cost-saving...
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Plan, organize, and manage your team's work...
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Client Portals

Our portal helps businesses efficiently communicate...
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Easily identify, track, and manage tasks for your team.
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Track your most important input with advanced timesheet...
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Keep track of every unit in your fulfilment process...
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Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders for your inputs with GI's BOS.
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Manage vendor relationships seamlessly...
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Get control of your capital with GI's asset management...
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Easily export reports to get in-depth company analysis...
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From data collection to direct team communications...
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General Internet Knows Fireplace Installation
Example pain point: Fireplace installation projects often increase in scope from what was quoted to endless new items added to the job on the fly. General Internet can help your fireplace installation business resolve all such scope-related issues by building your business a custom operating system. Our solution not only allows for easy on-site addition of change orders and project scope, but also facilitates legal client sign-offs.
The Problem
Combined, these factors create a high risk of reduced revenue.
Our Solution
The BOS replaces most out-of-box software with a single system: CRM, ERP, project management, timesheets, invoicing & more.
Never let a project leave you underwater again.
GI Custom Software Functionality Guide
Wondering if the BOS can help your business? Download our comprehensive functionality guide outlining the endless features that are sure to cover all your current pain points and much more!
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Truly Customizable

All functionality is customized to meet your company's exact specifications. We build all features from scratch making the BOS truly yours.

Any Device, Anywhere

BOS is cloud-based, available virtually anywhere. Your team can now be productive and connected anytime, regardless of where they are.

Assured Security

Your data is stored in compliance with internationally recognized security and information storage standards.

The BOS integrates seamlessly with Quickooks Online or any other accounting software platform.
General Internet has helped thousands of businesses successfully complete their digital transformation, to not only survive, but thrive, in the information age.
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