Run your business from anywhere.

The Business OS replaces many generic apps with a single, simple and completely customizable system.

The Business Operating System™

Your Entire Organization, One System

The GI Business Operating System (BOS) is web-based software that runs your entire company over the internet but only takes a few minutes to learn.

We know that every company is unique, and that's why we have designed our software to be modular. The BOS is comprised of dozens of possible bundles of software we call modules. Each of these modules performs a specific business function, like managing projects, keeping track of inventory, or sharing and storing data and files. Our task module will keep your team in touch and productive without clogging up your email inbox.

GI Custom Software Cube

Each module works seamlessly with any and all of the other modules. So no matter what kind of business you run, the GI Business Operating System will fit your company like a glove.

Let the BOS finally work for you!

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The GI Business Operating System™ is always free for charities, non profits, and businesses with 3 users. File storage limits do apply.

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Customize It!

Don't see a certain business process covered by our existing modules? We can custom build modules for you that also integrate seamlessly with the other modules.

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Top Vancouver Property Manager, Strataco, chose a BOS custom module to streamline their Strata management communications and workflows.

Beck Glass & Fairway Glass

Vancouver's leading commercial and residential glass and insurance brand had the BOS customized into a new broker system to manage their network of over 500 leading insurance brokerage clients.

Core Modules

Projects Module

Take control of your team's work.

Task Module

Keep your inbox for your email.

Contacts Module

Manage your clients & leads.

Files Module

Organize & share data securely.

Custom Modules

  • Content

    Manage your website's content.

  • Social Network

    Make work more fun.

  • Payments

    Any device becomes a point of sale system.

  • Invoices

    Bill clients and receive payments.

  • Inventory

    Manage stock of products and materials.

  • Books

    Keep track of expenses.

  • Listings

    Run your real estate business.

Looking for more? Tell us about your unique process, we can build it.

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All your Corporate Data in one place

A Single System for your Entire Enterprise

Imagine all corporate processes in one place. That is the BOS. Standard modules are available for common business processes with custom modules development to digitize unique aspects of your organization.

*The GI BOS is always free to try, for 3 team members, up to 500Mb Storage.

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Ultimate Security

All your data, secure in one place.

Corporate data is stored in our state-of-the-art data center.

You can also choose to host your own servers giving you unmatched flexibility and peace of mind.

Truly Customizable

The BOS, fit to your business.

Core modules can be customized to your company's exact specifications.

We can also build any new module from scratch making the BOS truly yours.

Any Device Anytime Anywhere

Take your business with you, anywhere.

The BOS is completely cloud based, available virtually anywhere.

Your team can now be productive at anytime, regardless of where they are.

Ready to finally have the BOS work for you?

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