Your clients don't want to Read.

But a GI Web Video will keep them on your website for longer, engaged and informed.

Why does your business need HD video?

Keep viewers engaged and lengthen their visit.

GI Drone - Aerial HD Video

Viceroy - Who We Are

Civil Investments

Top Chemicals


Targeted advertising proven to work.

You’ll be able to pinpoint your target market by precise location, age, gender as well as viewer interests. Because the viewer isn’t able to skip the first 5 seconds, you’ll be guaranteed advertising at no cost. You’ll only pay if clients watch the entire ad or click!

People don't watch TV ads!

Television advertising doesn't work because:

People don't watch ads, they skip them with their PVR

People don't watch TV period, they use Netflix or PVR

Expensive to target huge audience which may have no clients for you


Measure views, clicks and conversions on your website

Performance metrics allow real time ROI calculation

Adjust and optimize to maximize ROI


Darrell Mussatto
Mayor, North Vancouver
Darrell Mussatto

The GI Web Video team was instrumental in creating engaging video content for my campaign to secure a fourth term as Mayor of North Vancouver.

Thanks again for all your support and expertise. It made a huge difference!

Darrell Mussatto
Your clients don't want to read

Your Clients Don't Want to Read

People will spend more time watching a video than reading on a website.

They will also retain more from a video. The GI web video has helped countless companies create a captivating, engaging and emotional experience for their clients with our corporate videos.

GI Camera Lens

HD Video Services

  • Product Video
  • Corporate Introduction Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Video Tour
  • Instructional/Tutorial Video
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Not seeing what you want? The possibilities are practically endless. We can shoot timelapse, interviews, green screen, and even aerial footage.

Ami Mckay
Pure By Ami Mckay
Ami Mckay

Pure By Ami Mckay

Each project is more than a job at Pure, it is about helping people express who they are. I choose The GI Web Video team to tell each story, individually. Each video they create perfectly captures who the client is and the journey we have been on together.

Ami Mckay

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